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In this digital world, the ability to record scrolling screenshots has become a handy tool. This feature permits you to document wide chat conversations, web pages, and any content that needs horizontal or vertical scrolling, an all-in-one seamless picture.

The value of scrolling screenshots lies in their efficiency and convenience. Rather than taking several disjointed screenshots, this technique records the whole content in one, cohesive image, preserving the whole context and flow of info.

Scrolling screenshots are particularly useful showcasing entire web pages, full articles, or social posts, helping in sharing info, and documentation, or offering complete visual references.

Whether you are a professional or just looking to streamline your screenshot recording procedure, mastering the art of screen record with scrolling is a handy skill that can improve your ability as well as communication in our increasingly digital world.

Understanding Scrolling Screenshots

A scrolling screenshot, also known as an extended or longer screenshot, is a virtual image recording method that permits you to record a whole document or webpage in 1 continuous image.

This method is particularly useful when dealing with content that expands beyond the visible display, such as lengthy chat conversations, web pages, or long social media threads.

How Does It Differ from a Traditional Screenshot?

The major difference from a traditional screenshot lies in its capability to automatically scroll through the content while recording the screenshot. In its place of taking several fragmented screenshots and piecing them combine, scrolling screenshots provide an uninterrupted, seamless view of the whole content.

This not only preserves the entire context & flow of info but also simplifies the documentation, sharing, and presentation of long and wide materials.

With the growing prevalence of virtual content and info, mastering the art of scrolling screenshots is now an important skill for efficiently recording and communicating wide content clearly and concisely.

Taking Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone

In a world where smart devices are our window to the virtual world, capturing content, particularly when it extends beyond the screen, is vital. Scrolling screenshots, a function not limited to Android phones, are accessible on Apple iPhones.

In this post, we will explore 2 methods for recording scrolling screenshots on your iPhone, using the built-in iOS 14 tools & leveraging 3rd party applications like Picsew.

Built-in iPhone Tool

With the release of iOS 14, Apple introduced an informative function – built-in scrolling screenshots. This feature simplifies the procedure of recording the whole web page, complete article, or lengthy chat conversation, on scrollable content, making it a game-changing tool for Apple users.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Navigating the desired page – Start by navigating the content or webpage you want to capture. It can be done using Safari browser or any other supported application where you need a scrolling screenshot.
  • Taking screenshots –To take the 1st screenshot, tap both volumes up & side buttons or the home and side keys simultaneously. The screenshot preview will momentarily appear in the corner of your device screen.
  • Accessing the full page tab –in the lower-left side of the screenshot preview, you will find an option named Full Page. Press on this option to convert your normal screenshot into a wonderful scrolling screenshot.
  • Editing & Saving the screenshot –Once the recorded screenshot is in Full page mode, you can view and edit it as required. Annotate, crop, add highlight, or make any essential adjustments. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, save the scrolling screenshot to your images or Files App for simple and smooth access and sharing.

The built-in feature of iOS 14 is a handy solution for recording extensive content smoothly. It only simplifies the procedure but also permits basic editing, allowing you to tailor your scrolling screenshots to your specific requirements.

Whether you are archiving sharing chart conversations or web content, this feature empowers iPhone users to record and manage info seamlessly.

Using 3rd party apps – Picsew

While the built-in program is handy, 3rd party apps like Picsew provide extra features. It is a top choice, known for its incredible versatility. It provides a range of functionalities beyond just recording scrolling screenshots.

How Picsew Merges Multiple Screenshots?

The standout feature of the Picsew app is its ability to merge multiple screenshots into 1 seamless screenshot. After recording screenshots, open Picsew and import your pictures. The application will automatically identify the screenshots and provide an option to merge them. This function is handy when dealing with lengthy content.

Editing options in Picsew

Picsew also gives an assortment of editing options. You can annotate, crop, highlight specific parts, or add text to your screenshot. These tools allow for better customization and the feature to emphasize or clarify points in your receded content.

Pricing Details for premium features

Picsew app is available for free with basic functions. However, for advanced features like merging images, further editing options & watermark removal, you can opt for the paid version which comes at a reasonable price.

Taking Scrolling Screenshots on Android

In a current fast-paced virtual environment, the ability to record scrolling screenshots on Android mobile phones is a useful asset. This function allows you to document wide pages, chat threads, or any content that necessitates scrolling, all in one image.

In this section, we’ll explore 2 ways to record scrolling screenshots on your Android device – using the built-in tool available in Android 11 and employing 3rd party apps like ScreenMaster.

Built-in Android Tool

Android 11 versions introduced an exciting and very handy built-in scrolling screenshot tool. This function streamlines the procedure of recording a whole web page or any sort of scrollable content with ease.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Navigating the required content –begin by navigating the content or webpage you want to record using your preferred app or browser.
  • Taking Screenshots –To start the procedure, take a normal screenshot. Depending on your Android phone, it can be done by pressing a combination of keys (such as the power and volume down keys) or using gesture-based methods.
  • Using the Capture More function –After taking the 1st screenshot, a small preview will show below the screen. Press on it and you will find the Capture More option. Choose this to convert your normal screenshot into a scrolling screenshot.
  • Editing & Saving the Screenshot –Once your image is in Capture More mode, you can edit, view, and annotate it as per your needs. Highlight and Crop, or make any essential adjustments. Once you are satisfied save the scrolling screenshot to your Android device.

Brand-specific difference

It is vital to note that the steps for recording scrolling screenshots might vary slightly depending on your Smartphone brand. For example, OnePlus and Samsung have their unique ways of accessing this option. Refer to your phone’s user manual or online options to find the brand-specific procedure.

Using 3rd party apps – ScreenMaster

While the built-in Android feature is handy and featured packed 3rd third-party apps like ScreenMaster provide excellent additional abilities. This app is a well-known option, known for its state-of-the-art features and versatility.

How ScreenMaster Stitches Multiple Screenshots?

The standout feature of the app is its ability to seamlessly stitch many screenshots combined. After recording the essential screenshots, you can open the app and import pictures. The app will automatically identify the images and provide an option to connect them into a single, continuous scrolling screenshot. This function is a handy option when dealing with wide content.

Editing options in ScreenMaster

ScreenMaster provides various editing options. You can annotate, crop, highlight specific parts, and add text to your screenshot. These tools allow for better and smoother customization and the ability to emphasize or clarify specific points in your recorded content.

Pricing Details for Automatic Process

The app is available for free with basic features. However, for auto-scrolling screenshot capture, further editing features, and other premium features, you can opt for the paid version, which is available at XX.

Benefits of Scrolling Screenshots

In this virtual era, where visual communication is vital, scrolling screenshots have emerged as a strong tool providing a myriad of advantages.

  • Convenience of Capturing Extended Content:One of the main benefits of scrolling screenshots is the convenience they provide. Instead of tedious taking and managing several individual screenshots, this technique permits you to record extensive content, such as long conversations, lengthy web pages, or social media threads in one image. It not only streamlines the procedure but also makes sure that the content remains intact.
  • Professional Presentation of Information:scrolling screenshots are an ideal tool for presenting info professionally. Whether you are creating educational materials, reports, or presentations, the ability to showcase content totally enhances the graphical appeal and comprehensiveness of your articles. It allows a cohesive, uninterrupted view, making it simple for viewers or readers to follow along & understand the content.
  • Avoiding the Hassle of Merging Several Screenshots Manually –One of the major benefits of scrolling screenshots is the avoidance of manual features to merge multiple images. In situations where extensive content needs various captures, stitching them combined can be time-consuming and might result in misalignment. Scrolling screenshots simply this procedure makes sure a smooth and automated combination of the content without the need for further editing.

Scrolling screenshots provides unparalleled convenience in recording and presenting wide content, making them an invaluable option for professionals and daily users alike. They streamline the procedure of visual communication & documentation, removing the hassle of manual enhancing and merging the overall quality of the content being presented or shared.

Common Challenges and Solutions

While scrolling screenshots is a strong tool, users might encounter common challenges, such as compatibility problems with specific applications or websites. Here, we explore these problems and provide potential and handy solutions.

Issues like the compatibility with certain websites or apps

  • Incompatible applications – Some apps might not support the built-in scrolling screenshot features. When trying to record content in these applications, users might find that the Full Page or Capture More option is unavailable.
  • Websites with dynamic elements – Sites with dynamic, continuously loading content, such as social feeds or new sites, can post big challenges. The scrolling screenshots tool might not record these elements effortlessly.


  • Updating the OS (Operating System) – One solution is to make sure that your phone’s operating system is up to date. Companies often release software updates that might enhance compatibility & performance. By updating to the latest OS version, you can improve your phone’s ability to take scrolling screenshots in a wide range of apps and sites.
  • Using Alternate apps – In case the built-in tool doesn’t work, consider exploring alternative applications specifically made for recording scrolling screenshots. These applications might provide more comprehensive and smooth functionality, making it easy to record content even on sites with dynamic elements.

Navigating the compatibility issues of scrolling screenshots is manageable with the right method and approach. By keeping your device updated and exploring alternative apps when necessary, you can enhance your ability to record extended content & streamline your visual communication and documentation efforts.


In a world increasingly reliant on virtual communication and info sharing, the art of taking scrolling screenshots has emerged as an important skill. This guide has delved into the key role of scrolling screenshots, detailing both the built-in tools and the 3rd party apps that facilitate this procedure.

As we recap, scrolling images provide the unparalleled convenience of recording extensive content, improving the professional presentation of info, and removing the manual merging of multiple images. They provide a proper solution to compatibility problems and ensure a smooth, automated combination of content.

By mastering these techniques professionals, individuals and educators can significantly enhance their content presentation as well as documentation, simplifying the procedure and enhancing the clarity and comprehensiveness of shared info.

When encourage you to embrace scrolling screenshots as a handy tool in your virtual arsenal. Whether you are creating reports, or sharing content with your friends, educational materials, and colleagues these ways empower you to elevate your visual documentation and communication efforts, making them more efficient and effective.


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